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Ollie the Labrador

February 16, 2019 2 min read

Character Trait: Good-Natured, Active, and Intelligent

When you meet Ollie the Labrador, you can’t help but notice her magical gift.
Ollie has been bred, raised and trained in a very special way - as a Therapy Dog, to provide comfort and support to others. Her beautiful temperament and sweet, gentle nature has made a difference in the lives of many. Ollie has beautiful golden brown, soulful eyes that make people feel like she is not just listening, but understanding everything they’re saying. 

Ollie’s passion for helping people is closely matched by her love of food. She will never forget anyone who has given her a treat. One lady in particular always makes Ollie's face light up and gets her tail wagging so excitedly that her entire body wiggles. The lovely lady has never failed to give her a treat each morning. 

One particular morning whilst Ollie waited patiently for the lady with the treats, Chloe the Schnauzer ran up beside her. Chloe explained that she was desperately in need of Ollie’s help. She had found a new friend in Otto the Cat who needed someone special to talk to. Ollie was faced with a dilemma. Did she wait for her much loved morning treat or did she help a friend in need? Of course she decided on the latter and followed Chloe off to meet and help Otto.

Ollie realized how important her special gift was to those around her and the joy she received from helping those in need far exceeded the short lived pleasure of a treat. Ollie and Otto developed a special bond and you will often find them snuggled together curled up in a nook napping. 

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Quentin the Quokka
Quentin the Quokka

July 17, 2019 1 min read

Character Trait: Happy, Sociable, and Never Shy or Scared

Quentin is quite the attention-grabber. His infectious smile, fun interactions and happy demeanor melt the hearts of all that come across him, especially humans.

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Carrie the Cavoodle
Carrie the Cavoodle

July 17, 2019 1 min read

Character Trait: Smart, Affectionate, Loyal Friend, and Loves To Be Groomed

Carrie is a true New Yorker. She loves taking walks through Central Park and nibbling on treats and sipping on water with her inseparable friends Chloe, Otto, and Sid.

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Kiki the Kiwi-For Me By Dee
Kiki the Kiwi

March 01, 2019 1 min read

Quick on her feet Kiki the Kiwi can out run anyone!
She is strong, grounded and independent! She may look shy but there is no getting past Kiki, with her acute sense of smell and long beak she will sniff anyone out!

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