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Sid the Golden Retriever

February 16, 2019 1 min read

Character Trait: Intelligent, Caring, and Affectionate

Sid is a true golden retriever who happily brings things to everyone he greets. Socks hunted out of laundry baskets are among his favorite items. 

Sid is also extremely kind and thoughtful, sensing when someone needs extra love and doing anything to make them feel better. So when young Otto the Cat is introduced to the pack, Sid quickly senses Otto’s need for some affection.

Chloe suggested to Sid that perhaps as a welcoming gift, he could bring something special for Otto. Instead of socks, Sid decided to bring Otto a special TV remote he had found! Not much of a talker, Sid didn’t explain the significance of this gift and unfortunately, Otto didn't understand this special act of kindness.

Sid, so used to pleasing people, was disappointed that he couldn't make Otto feel properly welcomed.

Later that day when Chloe rounded up a game of football to welcome Otto, Sid discovered their shared love for playing ball! They had so much fun playing together and began to form a special bond. Sid promised Otto he would always have a friend to play with and he would teach him some extra special tricks – including throwing and catching your own frisbee. 

Sid was happy to see Otto smile. He discovered there are many ways to show affection to those you care for. Although not all attempts may be recognized, in time you are sure to find just the right one. 

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Carrie the Cavoodle

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